We Can Be Tools For Magic

As far as I can see it, Nature is here for our hearts to feel wonder, in a world we’ve created that robs us of it. We all are damaged, broken, and stumbling through life without looking. Amidst the rules and laws and compartments we should fit into that suck our spirits dry, there is a flower, the wind talking to trees,animals to entertain and scare us, the smell of hot granite after summer rain. Find those bits of magic and sow them into your world.

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They are joy dispensers. 

The taught spring of conformity and “business” of life slowly slackens as we allow ourselves to be fed by beauty. 

Wilderness is the antidote to the sickness in us.

If we don’t surrender to beauty, we will stay hard and crusty.  Our springs wear out. 

We can be tools for magic.

Here’s a list of suggestions for the new year:

1.  Measure the path of the sun, while soaking in the bathtub in the morning.
2.  Perform a special burial for a wild casualty of the road.
3.  Drink some pine needle tea and sit by an outside fire.
4.  Visit your favorite tree.
5.  Midwife a chick hatching.
6.  Give something meaningful and unexpected.
7.  Talk to a Crow.
8.  Give time to wonder.
9.  Greet the world as your family member.
10.  Embrace the mystery of darkness.
11.  Have less.
12.  Practice silence.

©Kathy Mitchell

©Kathy Mitchell