Season's: Come and Go and Come Again

©Bone Medicine Woman

©Bone Medicine Woman

“And the seasons, they go ‘round and ‘round”…

Here we go, as the seasons prepare to change, in our dance with the sun.

Our connections to Nature may be deep, creating subtle or obvious stirrings for change in our lives. A move. A relationship change. Projects at home. At this time, I am pouring over seeds and start to plan a garden.  I am a seed saver. Yesterday, on a walk, I collected Milkweed pods to plant in a wet spot for the butterflies. I noticed buds are beginning to swell on some shrubs and trees. 

I’m going to give more love to my apple tree this year, because this winter, the hungry rabbits were able to reach all the lower branches and girdled them. I planted this tree for a friend who died of cancer six years ago. I call it “Beth” to honor her. The first year she bore enough fruit, I made an apple pie for her children.  

I cut Pussy Willow branches for a vase, inside, and wait for the leaves to burst forth. Soon, the light will come hardy and long.  The pace of life will speed up and, towards the beginning of August days, I will think back fondly of a  slow winter day, quiet  by an inside fire.

I have begun to realize the shortness of a life and the unpredictable time I have left here. How many more Springs?

How mortal we are.  It makes time more valuable and sacred. 

When thinking about my connection to Nature’s law, I realize the ebb and flow of seasonal tides effecting all life, near and far, inside and out. Water is blood. Blood is water.

I never used to have awareness of the subtle changes in my world that correspond with the shifts of seasons.  I flowed with the tide and experienced major life changes that impacted me, because of this passion I have, being tied to the natural world. Now, I notice the deep influence seasonal changes have on me. I acknowledge the power in the shift, greet it, and maybe kiss the swelling stems and buds of a tree, or perform a little ritual to welcome the change.  Honor it. 

My roots have grown deeper, which allows my “above ground” and moving parts, that are exposed, to move about and react to my environment.  Lessons from a tree!

We still have a long way to go, with snow still covering the ground, but in my mind, I feel things stirring. 

“We’re captive on a carousel of time…..It’s the circle game.”