Osoah, The Great Pine

Nature’s law only,
is there freedom, strength, content.
I know, for I have kept her law.

I am Osoah, the Pine,
Myself—-the Guide of the forest.
I point the way for many.
Harken unto my voice, observe my signa,
and take to the Great Sky Road,

From my topmost branches, 
you may determine your direction
and keep the needle of your soul
pointing true north.


When the sun sleeps, and the cloud blanket
drops low, from me you can learn where
the east trail winds
and the west trail leads.
Look to my towering crest.

Always, my arms are outstretched
to welcome and bless you,
the great heart of my tree trunk
yearns for you.
In the breath of my Spirit, may you find
healing and peace.

Summer and winter, 
in sunshine and storm,
in all seasons and weathers, 
here I stand strong, and steadfast.

In cities distant, in the maddening whirl of 
self and things,
my call forever comes to you.
As in a dream, you hear my
and seek me as the young to the 
brooding mother bird.

Again and again, you shall return,
sit at my feet and listen,
until you, too, become steadfast,
true: Thyself in love and truth,
fulfilling the Law.

—An Iroquois song to the Pine, Osoah