It is said to be the washtub of the Cailleach. It is here she washes her plaid till it turns white. She wraps it around herself and the earth is covered with an apron of snow. Her name is Cailleach Bhéarra which means veiled or cloaked one, implying that which is hidden, sharp or shrill like the cutting winds and harshness of winter. She is known as the daughter of the little sun who reigns over the dark time of year from Hallowmas to Beltane when she is renewed and transforms herself into a maid, the goddess Bride, Brighid, Brigantia the Sovereignty Goddess, Guardian of the Land who reigns over the bright time of the year, the time of the bright sun. 

An Cailleach Bhéarra, Ancient Grandmother, 
Old One of the Mountains, of the wild places,  
Goddess of the Land
You are older than time itself
Older than the stones
Only you can remember when the ocean was a forest covered with trees
Your name is still unknown except by the wind and the eagle

Protection of the Old One
An Cailleach Bhéarra, 
An Cailleach Bhéarra , 
An Cailleach Bhéarra
Daughter of the little sun,
Wrap your plaid about me
When you do your washing
Grandmother, sing me a sweet lullaby
Encompass me
Shield me from the winters cold

For the New Moon January 16th, follow the ancient tracks of the deer, the reindeer. Close your eyes and settle deep into yourself. Breathe deeply, feel the heaviness of your bones, feel the stillness of the snowfall, the dark and coldness of the winter’s night. She is here with you, An Cailleach Bhéarra. The Old One. She calls you to find the stillness in yourself, the place of your origin, the place of your mothers, the long night, the unhewn dolmen.

Make an altar to her, a cairn, a pile of stones

Her symbols are: the veil, the apron, the hammer, wicker basket, holey stones, standing stones, pebbles, plaid or woolen cloak, bones, spirals, shells, the sea, rivers and lakes, the color blue, the Black Elder, the Yew, and the Birch

Take the reindeer rune with you for protection. Activate it’s shield with the sound Eoch, Eoch, Eoch

Follow the deer, she will lead you to your healing place
See the Ancient Grandmother, wearing an apron, a plaid cloak about her shoulders
Can you hear the sounding of the sea, the crashing of the waves?
Dream now sleep and she will come to you. In the liminal places, the spaces between here and tomorrow.

She will come….
Follow the Trackways,
the Shimmering Ways of the Ancient Reindeer
See the road before you
where your heart will lead you

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