Card October 22, 2017


"Five is the number of transition and aliveness. Whenever stillness and structures become institutionalized, rigidity and paralysis arise and transition becomes a necessity. Part of you would like to remain in the security of your daily routine, but the part behind the mask of conditioning knows that life is movement. You are being asked to look at that which paralyzes you and to commit yourself. The blind woman who strays on the track of fear and loss regains her sight. The pain of change is a necessary element in regaining your aliveness." 

If you link over to Kelley's New Moon Astrology for October 19, 2017, you'll find a common thread.

This is a time to ground and exhilarate. We recognize change is needed. 

This week's pull is from the Margaret M. Petersen deck—a deck painted mostly in Berlin (Bavaria and Switzerland). She began her journey (a deeply perusal one) in 1979. The process took years. A cathartic birthing of a brilliant deck. Extremely abstract and often of its own symbolism (and a "meditative" deck, it asks one to sit quietly and ponder (the images will move and evolve...and the meanings will surface. 

Crystals: Smoky Quartz, Mookaite, Bloodstone
Herbs and Flowers: Linden, Motherwort, Rose, Valerian
Essense: Patchouli
Numbers: 5, 0, 1
Astrology: (New Moon in Libra). Waxing Crescent
Oracle Cards: Shaman's Oracle, The Journeyer
Moon Cycle: Libra Full Moon. Others here:

“Blood Moon, Hunters' Moon, Harvest Moon” 

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