Card O' October 29, 2017


This week's pull is from the Wanderer's Tarot by Casey Zabala
The card is the Wanderer of Stones—which might be, for you, the Prince of Pentacles.
Casey writes: "A buoyant and excited traveler, ready to take on the gifts of the cosmos and ready to risk all."

Without checking astrology and such, I just know this is a time to move forward knowing you are the spreader of seed, the manifestor, the goddess powerful and potent. In this time of dying and tucking in, we are yet so alive! So vibrant! In our grounded connectedness, we are fire-like in our potential to visualize, witness, own, create—stand straight and strong. Walk knowing you are harmony and potential at source. This is a time to celebrate and emit your truth—and do so in concert with others (your strength and source connection are contagious, and therefor serve others as well). Collaborate with those like-minded and/or empowering. Nourish and embrace the bounty that springs forth from your solidity in selfhood. Celebrate your "self" in this new year. Celebrate your "self..." and understand your profound connection. The cosmos is huge. The spirits abound. You are in great company.

Crystals: Smoky Quartz, Zoisite, Mookaite
Talisman: Peacock feather
Astrology: Winging it this time! I just know...
Season/Moon: Samhain. Blood Moon.

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