Card October 1, 2017


The Hermit from the Linestrider’s Journey Tarot Deck by Siolo Thompson
"Keywords: solitude, self-awareness, study, soul searching, patience, withdrawal, reluctant leadership."

The Linestrider’s deck is mystical and etherial in nature: visually presenting and suggesting the duality of what is, what we know, what is bigger and behind the misty veil—that which we seek to know (as we grow larger and more potent in this deep knowing). With this deck, we consider more than the obvious: the delicate and powerful influences found in hidden layers, hints and cues. • The Hermit suggests we take the time to pause, look inward—respect and follow our own light and wisdom (it might also suggest that one deeply honor the light and wisdom of another, but honoring the guidance is the key concept—whether from self or from another). In this harvest moonwe are being asked to go inward, unto ourselves, for the greatest offering of true purpose (and, therefore, potency). • As we begin this week, we experience both challenges and rewards in this area: here in the northeast, the leaves turn and fall, seeds scatter to pods, and temperatures begin to fall. We gather in. The Hermit begs us to be respectful and mindful of our quiet and true integrity. Take time out (big) and ask yourself "what is my true nature, calling, and grounded knowing?” What is the essential and honest “why” in life, adventure and work/cause? This is a time to deeply and quietly explore the fundamental truth behind our being and doing: witness, know, accept and embrace. Once we have unearthed the basic understanding, the realization works like super-fertilizer—totally empowering the possibility to enrich and fulfill our deeds, our doings and our pursuits. We achieve the greatest possible outcome. The potency of our intention is most vividly manifested when we are totally honest, in tune, and solidly plugged in. When our relationship is crystal clear, we prepare well for action. We arepoised to shoot with the accuracy and decisive quality of Athena’s bow and arrow. We are equipped to strike to the heart of the matter. We avoid wasted time in murky areas of low resonance. We are in pure alignment. Take time, get clear, embrace and radiate

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Carnelian, Aventurine, Cirtine
Herbs and Flowers: Rose, Sage, Licorice, Chamomile
Number: 9
Astrology: Virgo and Aquarius
Oracle Cards: Amy Woodson’s Lavish Earth—Carnelian
Moon Cycle: Aries Full Moon. Others here:

“Blood Moon, Hunters' Moon, Harvest Moon” 

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