Card October 8, 2017


The Ace of Cups from the Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place (4th Edition)

Keywords: Beginnings, opportunity, awakening, spiritual awareness, potential, learning, energy, manifestation.

Robert’s deck (one of many) is based upon traditional tarot symbolism and alchemy. Alchemical processes and experience is woven into the deck—in both major and minor arcana. Alchemically, we are on a journey from the anima mundi (prima materia) to the the ultimate gold, divine, philosopher’s stone. We have the amazing potential to whether the darkening and achieve the light.

So where is the Ace of Cups in all of this? This card may be about discovering your truth—or a soul truth or purpose. In this week ahead, pay careful attention to signals and omens—birds and weather, chance encounters, cues and keys: These are the catalysts, hinting or propelling you toward new desires or directions. These may present—like brightly opening doors toward deep and powerful fulfillment. Elementally, this is a particular water card which indicates offering of opportunity and new beginnings—ones which perfectly match unconscious knowing with consciously expressed desires, ideas, hopes and dreams (in the image, a fish swims with full vessel: It runs on the surface, but it’s true and deeper knowing is still below the surface.) The fish is a messenger, reminding us to tap into our unconscious, and make manifest what we know to be personally rewarding, sustaining and potent. The seed has been planted: look deep into your psyche and get honest. Nurture the seed of truth and fulfillment. The Ace of Cups suggests that in these coming days, we are provided opportunity for happiness and emotional and spiritual fulfillment. If not today, tomorrow or thereafter. If you choose to accept, you bring positive energy into your life. Manifest your deepest creative expression. Come into alignment.

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Carnelian
Herbs and Flowers: Rose, Mint, St. John’s Wort
Essense: Patchouli
Numbers: 1, 5
Astrology: Virgo and Aquarius
Oracle Cards: Amy Woodson’s Lavish Earth—Carnelian
Moon Cycle: Aries Full Moon. Others here:

“Blood Moon, Hunters' Moon, Harvest Moon” 

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