Card(s) O' November 19, 2017

Today, I pulled from the Mary-El Tarot—for huge and specific reasons (many of which I don't know). This is a superbly powerful deck (Marie White) which was created over a 12-year period...with love, passion and devotion. (p.s., The decks that I pull from week to week call to me: I do not choose them. And how amazing that in this New Moon in Scorpio, I pull from not only this deck, but also these cards. First and foremost, the Queen of Cups. 

This is our time! Our of the pure still darkness and the (sometimes uncomfy deep knowing), we RISE UP to embrace our Queen of Cup-ness and potential. We manifest creation of the environment of the heart. We embrace and celebrate our soul truth. Powerful.

And not easy. So, here by our side is Archangel Gabriel (6 of Disks), catching us as we fall, propelling us again upward, reminding us that there's always HOPE...even when the concept eludes us. "Catch me as I fall, Gabriel...because I am taking a risk. But I can no longer deny my truth; and you know this and catch me, wrap me, remind me, encourage and ensure me." 

I wear my beauty. It is limitless. It is rose and red and green .. and climbs. 

The key: what do you want to create to support your heart? Your spirit? What let's your light grow most bright? Who supports you in this? The Queen of cups creates the scenario that supports her deepest desires and her greatest harmonies. Her truth is honored. She calmly radiates. Glows.

We sit rightly in this/our void time of year. We prepare. We "armor-up"—for we will bloom. Though now we rest, the flowering is upon us. Soon, lightness prevails—and breaks the darkness.

Astrology: New Moon in Scorpio
Herbs: Black Cohosh, Motherwort
Crystals: Work with what your are drawn to: Rise and Ground (Carnelian?).
Hint: Love yourself as you love others. Remain potent. Have and spread HOPE. Collaborate.
Hint: Mind duality: look for the perfect balance of yin/yang. Male/female. Durga.
Activity: Draw, dance, express (and always check back with the ancestors). 
Key Words: Hope, valued emotions, perfect manifestations, don't doubt.

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