Card O' November 26, 2017


This week begs you to honor and build what serves you best. It matters not what others do. Follow your inner knowing and store up to support, protect and nourish.

Today I pulled from the Tarot de St. Croix. This is not one of my most favorite decks, but it has it’s glowing moments. Most importantly, this deck called to me for “the asking." The Key for this Eight of Pentacles (pictured right): “The busy beaver contracts dams and lodges to create a fertile habitat.” Considering the card, I recognize the deeper meaning: I understand the gift— and the beauty and power of providing for self and community. We are here to do the good work. Urban, suburban or rural—your "art" is healing, transformative, personally rewarding...and therefore, globally so. 

The suggestion is to focus attention on what TRULY supports. The suggestion is to act as a sieve…sifting out and collecting what is beneficially YOURS. It is your challenge to define and embrace your personal journey.

The eight of pentacles asks you to hone in on your true (and sacred). It begs you to acknowledge that life’s course is not “house playing,” but a call to acknowledge your authentic gifts (your authentic art…your true BEING).

I pulled from the Japaradize as well (left-hand image). Although these decks are obviously different in so many respects, notice the common inclusion of the “Star of David”—or the sacred geometry of the overlapping of triangles. So profound. The Star of David (so to speak) is really a symbol of the energetic layering of the triangular form that folds around the earth (and the cosmos) and reflects as two separate triangles, but merges (visually) as one. A symbol of energetic possibility, perfection, it is a symbol of the cosmic magic: the elemental energy and laws of nature—all mingled…all true. Divinity. 

Synchronistic Messaging:
We are moving out of our cocoon. We sense our movement from void to the imminent longer light…and stronger outward energetic

Herbs: Nettles, Rose, Angelica
Crystals: Grounding, Attunement, Energy