Card O' December 19, 2017


Cards on the cusp of the Solstice: The Ace of Disks and the Queen of Wands. This pull is from the beautiful Tarot of the Holy Light by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers.  

As we move from the darkness of the dark days and the new moon, the seed appears...and the Solstice is upon us. The ace serves as compass, directing us toward a bigger light, potential, growth, wherewithal, and groundedness in preparation. We are aware the wheel turns—and the Queen of Wands waits in patience to manifest her quality. The charmed one knows, almost as if teasing, that her time is just around the corner. Manager and motivator that she is, she will begin to move into action...assisted by the root-y-ness of the Ace. That's fortunate, because this is not a time for the Aries "burn up." We are in gentle movement.

This is a time to dream. Enjoy the increasing light. Anticipate growth and rebirth. Understand the beauty of the quiet before the work. There is great purpose in solitude. There is great purpose in rest. Restoration provides for abundance. Restoration IS abundance.

Happy Solstice.

Astrology: Please check our Kelley and Carmen's offerings (education, ritual) 
Crystals: Those that warm the soul. The heart. Cleanse, ground and energize. Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Rose (any and all). Zoisite. Lots! What are you drawn to?
Ritual: Check here.
Hint: Gratitude and grace. Gratitude for the cycles that naturally provide.