Card O' December 3, 2017


This week’s pull is the Ace of Pentacles from the Steampunk Collage Tarot Deck and Willow from Herbal Healing Oracle Deck

December 3 marks one of three super moons upcoming: December 3, January 1 and January 31. That’s a lot of moon!—and the 3rd is eclipsed. That’s a lot of power and motion. I reread Kelley’s monthly MagicOma Astro Magic and clipped this: “ ... [this] triple power combo will circulate complex versions of truth and fake news. You have to feel out what reverberates for you, what you 'vote for' in terms of your mental attention, heart investment and spiritual vision. This is largely a fine-tuned test of discernment."

Then, I jumped over to Dark Star Astrology to capture some more wisdom: "The Full Moon on December 3 2017 falls at 11º Gemini decan 2. The Full Moon falls in the constellation of Orion which means the collective has a mind to be provocative and will enjoy living on the edge. The aspects of this Full Moon are a T-square with Neptune and a karmic quincunx aspect to Jupiter. Both these planets are connected with religion. Neptune has a more esoteric and mystical approach while Jupiter is associated with organized religions. Negatively however, Jupiter has a tendency towards zealousness and extremism.” 

So, I am no astrologer,  but considering the cards pulled, I’m super psyched! It’s as if they’re the divine medicine—and all coalesces perfectly. The situation? We’re likely to experience duplicitous energy this week. Kelley refers to true and fake news—and Dark Star mentions "a provocative energy" and speaks of religion and extremism (all very curious!). The solution? Self care and grounding. The Ace of Pentacles suggests we’ll benefit from focus (clear focus) on bolstering personal resources (nourishment, wealth, health habits, happiness, alignment and wellbeing). The Willow asks us to take full responsibility for our own life (and the solution is to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things). We are not an island…we are a fully connected ONE: no duality, no division. In this time of complexity and conundrum, recall our “oneness,” embrace your presence, and in that pure knowing, tap into true nourished connection. p.s., Please NOTE that the Ace is the beginning of the suit: it’s essence, the seed of the quality and nature. Also, please check this link to the whole Willow card offering/description. Consider willow-bark in it's healing power as a "soother of pain"—and its subtle calming nature. This willow is the perfect partner to the powerful Ace in this time of resource building in a time of potential duality and "waviness." 

If you build an alter, consider using the Hermit card (“I’ll tell you what the hermits realize, if you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you are connected to everything,”—Alan Watts). And include some black Tourmaline, smoky quartz, clear quartz and the Star card (and many and any things with beautiful, clear and grounding properties). As this may be a week with imbalances and complexities, ground down and hold truth. OR…take the wild ride, but keep these in mind to help bring you back to center, calm and safety. 

Life is always tricky. It’s wise to have solid ground (or the idea of it) in your back pocket—so you can weather the storms. This week, I recommend you commit to some healthier practices (personal ones, like walking, meditating, reading, attending group meetings, eating well), so as to keep your feet on the ground when the big inflated balloon of temptation begs to unearth you. 

Enjoy the ride. It is all part of the “wheel.”

Herbs: Nettles, Tulsi, Lemonbalm, Linden
Astrology: Full Moon in Gemini
Crystals: Any and all grounding. Protectors. Clarifiers. 
Elements: Seek Earth
Other Helpful Stuff: Willow Link