Card O' December 10, 2017


In getting ready for today’s pull, I visited this amazing site—just to take a quick look at the planets and signs. I love taking this 50,000 mile view! I get a sense of the overall situation. Click the arrows at the top of the page, and witness the planetary movement. So cool! 

There’s some super mixed energy happening…so hang on tight. Depending on who you are, this will have differing impact, but overall, there are things that apply to all of us. This can be both a magic and/or destructive time. And, we know that Mercury is retrograde. 

Today’s pull is from the Stretch Tarot by J.E. Stretch. I specifically chose this deck because it’s a collage deck in which each card includes a combination of mixed media that harmonizes perfectly—and that is the type of idea we need to keep in mind right now if our days and weeks are to roll out successfully. Our challenge is to keep balance. Our challenge is to stay still when the timing is not right…and "affect" when it is. 

The Two of Swords is our perfect reminder. If you have a deck, you might want to pull this card and put it somewhere you will see it often. This is a card of choice, but choice only taken when we are set, ready and sure. It reminds us that pause is ok—if fact, completely necessary. Although the keyword suggests “conflict,” there is only conflict if we choose to see it that way. Actually, each “problem” is  a growing opportunity. Everything in our lives is there to “grow” us. We are in a collaborative dance with life.

Suggestion: release expectations. Understand that life is “friction-worthy.” In this way, we will stride the bumps and sore to the highest heights. Seeming incongruence is just that: SEEMING. Look beyond the surface and the mundane: In our greater qualities, we shine.

Crystals: Aragonite, Himalayan Salt, Smokey Quartz Point (clear blocked ley lines and aid geopathic stress, overcome stress, ground, clear and heal)
Herbs: Bay Leaf and Anise (Bay: detox, heal and digest…The Anise is for deep, clear connection)
Tools: Journal (keep yourself grounded, on track and… reaching and dreaming)
Hint: Manifestation and rest. Rest and manifestation.