Card O' January 16, 2018


Immediate hit: the time to activate, empower and manifest is imminent. The chariot (pictured here from the StarChild Tarot by Danielle Noel), represents powerful forward movement. Usually, this sort of power comes from assistance as well—so be mindful of those people, qualities, or presented opportunities that support you in your mission(s). I say imminent, because the card was pulled in reverse (not shown here as it's sort of difficult to contemplate like that). I'd rather you embrace this powerful image, this recognition of strength, confidence, energy and determination...than hold onto "the up-side-down of these ideas." The reversal is simply a pause: the objective is to turn upright and manifest this powerful forward and energetic power...WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. 

The chariot reminds you to be aware, awake and alive—and acknowledge that you have the ability to overcome all challenges that arise. Obstacles become opportunities. 

Crystals and stones: Citrine, Calcite, Tigers Eye
Astrology: Sag and Jupiter
Symbols: Square, Labyrinth