Card O' January 21, 2018


Knight of Cups: poised, ready, open. Standing softly but confidently between the pillars. All cosmos realized, but feet on this earth, in this form—in perfect tranquility and honest strength. The soul's truth acknowledged. 

This is the card of the continuation (the Page was the ignition) of the walk of pure balance with your personal resonance on this planet. Your shining light. Attainment toward achievement of harmonious dance. 

The tricky thing: measuring our true essence and weaving it, beautifully, with and within the wildy world—balancing, questioning and considering until we finally find, nourish, nurture, pursue and celebrate the ME ... the I AM.

This is a time to celebrate and manifest YOU. The news arrives that you, in your purest you, are just as you should be. Follow your inner child. Listen to intuition. Celebrate. Create. Walk with assured stride.

Hint: Embrace your personal and true vibration and resonance
Crystals: Carnelian, Quartz (of all kinds)
Herbs: Rose