Card O' January 27, 2018


As we wind down the month and move quickly toward the second January Super Moon, I contemplate the Empress. This beautiful empress card is from the Steampunk Tarot deck—which I purchased on Etsy (there are two Steampunk Tarot decks—if you choose to order one, but sure it's the one you expect). 

Empress: Beautiful, bold, bountiful—enwrapped in beauty and honoring her own. Potential and power of creation. Voluminous. 

She shows up to remind of us our radiance and unique resonance. Powerful and empowered—and thus, affecting everything around us with that possibility. (Remember: energy radiates.) We, without trying, provide the richest of soils to those we know and love; those we don't know; all elemental spirits, qualities...the energetic cosmos.

This is the card of self-expression, manifestation and divine feminine energy. The nurturing of the seed. With this, we take the week to nourish our mind, body and soul. We honor our true and unique potential on this bountiful plane. Take time to notice...YOU. Express as is true to YOU. Celebrate you.

Crystals: Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Turquoise
Symbols: Flower of Life
Hint: Spiritual bathing