Card O' January 7, 2018


This weeks pull is from the Tarot of the Holy Light by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers—supported by Michelle A. Motuzas' Samanic Healing Oracle. The High Priestess and Ascension. 

Many of us have expressed the knowing of this year as one pregnant with opportunity. Many have have a knowing and sense of a certain "undercurrent" of seed-like, power energy. Something is bubble under the surface...and at the tender edgy edge of bursting forth.

The meaning of this is deep. It's a welling up of a veiled truth. It's a recognition of just right for the higher good of ourselves, all others and beyond. 

The cards have been revealing this for weeks. We're asked to be calm in the quiet, consider the darkness, be still. The action is yet to come. Seek and coddle your intuition. Keep and acknowledge the teachings. Contemplate the divine template. 

The Oracle is Ascension: this is where we will go. We are on souls in human form on a slow path: "Each experience, relationship, obstacle, joy and creation will bring you one step closer on the ladder" to greater awareness... 

Key: Go into the stillness
Animal Spirit:
Dragonfly (reminding us to calm the mind, allow wisdom)
Crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Lepidolite, Danburite, Blue Chalcedony, Jet
Hint: I have been reading, crafting and creating art like no other day. This, for me, keeps me balanced. What is your means of self-centering? Journaling can be excellent.