Card for ... October

The Illuminated Earth Oracle © Claire Mack 2018

The Illuminated Earth Oracle © Claire Mack 2018

There are no words, really, when you pull “Reflection” mid-October, when Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. That is:…it says it all.

The abundance that comes from reflection, in all of its depths, is worth the wade and wallow. The finest alignment comes in the purity of truth. When we make kindness with our truths, we witness their strengths—no matter what the manifestation. Each pain is growth; each joy walks alike.

I believe that Reflection (the card) in Venus retrograde Scorpio begs us to slow and consider, behold and embrace. This is a thin time of combinations that offer a perfect opportunity. Consider what you were doing in October of 2010. 2003? 1995? What patterns do you see? Are you swimming circles in the same pool or spiraling upward?

In the image, to the right, Agrimony in a goose-egg shell. This is for protection, for as you wander the depths of memory, things that are not pretty may rise up. This ritual serves you. Other protective acts/thoughts: sage, mugwort, anise, angelica, basil and bay. Crystals: black tourmaline, obsidian, fluorite, and amethyst. Fruits and Berries: Juniper (read more here). Ritual: (bon)fire/flame and visioning. Prayer.