Card for the Week of October 21

©The Illuminated Earth Oracle by Claire Mack

©The Illuminated Earth Oracle by Claire Mack

So often, we walk alone with our needs and troubles. Storms brew from somewhere deep under—and slowly seep into our consciousness or semi-consciousness. Or possibly issues are obvious, straight forward and direct. In either and any case, we…often choose to “walk alone.”

Why is it so hard to ask for help? Why is it difficult to be “vulnerable?” Why is it good to be tough? This oracle asks us to embrace our humility, our community…and regain our strength in company.

I am reminded of the Wizard of Oz and the companionship of the Lion, the Scarecrow, Dorothy and the Tin Man. Would they have had such strength individually? Lie in the field of poppies and awake to trusting: it is OK to be in the hands of others. It is good to be healed. It is wonderful to be embraced. It is right to ask for help. Reach out!—many endeavors are more powerful, fun and fulfilling in company.

Herbs: Chamomile
Essences: Buttercup
Crystals: Rose Quartz