Card for the Week of October 28

©Barbara Moore

©Barbara Moore

A fine line: being prepared to attack…on the verge. Heated. Tempted. What’s proper timing?

A…”blend of gracefulness and tension, she balances delicately between the water and the moon, keeping her swords aloft. Although artful, this activity takes up all her time and energy… The stories she tells herself about her life require constant attention. Her environment is comprised largely of water, symbolic of her subconscious, and the moon, also connected with…(hidden) aspects of the self…. She is dangling between water and air. Eventually…something will give way.”

In the coming days, pay attention to those subtle and nagging insights and truths: the ones that, softly tap, reminding you that something is out of line, something is locked away (that which needs to be released), something is being ignored and squelched (for now). The more trivial and mundane activities that occupy might well be steeling away time—valuable time. If it is not the right time to remove the blindfold and dance, it is certainly the right time to acknowledge (the pull of the moon).

Hint: Truth? The Star Card
Herbs: Sage
Crystals: Picasso Jasper, Spider Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Sodalite