Card for Week of November 11, 2018

Two of Disks from M.M. Meleen’s Tabula Mundi Tarot • Deck 543 LE

Two of Disks from M.M. Meleen’s Tabula Mundi Tarot • Deck 543 LE

This week may provide opportunity (or force upon you) change. The time has come for something to shift, sift and flow outward. What has been has come to it’s peak or expended it’s power and use…and will drift away or dramatically cease. This experience can take many forms: those more esoteric and mystical all the way through to the most mundane and simple occurrence, but be curious and be aware. (See below)

The two of disks provides opportunity to consider what’s best; Sort; Evaluate; Embrace that which servers you well and discard that which does not. Capricorn offers the stability, strength and perseverance…while Jupiter encourages expansion.

iChing: No. 1 Creative Power. No. 64 Climax
Numerology: 1 — Individualistic, independent, with leadership and drive, self-starter, progressive and courageous (Negative aspects: stubborn, selfish and undisciplined)
Crystals: Chrysocolla, Labradorite, Malachite, Moonstone
Tarot: Two of Pentacles, Death, Strength, Chariot, Temperance and the Sun (in that order)

Note: Examples of change (small and large)—you purchase a shoe one-size-up and “your world changes for the better!”, an old job ends and makes space for a new one, and old relationship wraps up and provides space and opportunity for a brighter future, the snow stays and we shift to our “winter mindset” here in the Northern Hemisphere…