Cards for the Week of November 18, 2018


Friendship and the Dreamer

Look for folks who support you in your dreams and in your wellbeing. Be careful who you spend time with. Focus on what is true to you.

Share With People Who Support You: This is key for this week. Make a point of connecting with or making plans with those who are “in friendship” with you…those who are in positive relationship with you. Avoid those who challenge, defeat, dishearten or weaken body, mind or soul.

Mind Who You Spend Time With: These are the people who color your world. It also includes the content of the books you read, programs you watch or podcasts you listen to. Be mindful of what you choose. These things affect, project, shape, and alter attitudes, moods and dispositions.

Focus on What is True to YOU: Sometimes, in childhood, we have crystal clarity. This might be a good time to think back on what you once knew to be true. Over time, we can become clouded by the opinions of others, the voices of many, and the general outside “noise.” But our truth is ours—if we choose to dig deep enough to find and embrace it. Be your best friend and acknowledge your deepest and truest soul self (and desires).

Follow your dreams.