Card for the Week of November 4


We are in the darkest days before the New Moon on the 7th (the “thin” time). We are also still riding the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio transition to Libra when she will go Direct again. These are, in fact, enriching times. For each of us…this may mean different things. For me, its’ reward through remembrance and transition. It’s a nod to the ancestry. It’s gratitude and growth.

The Nine of Wands emerges from the shadow and ash of the Tower. Alejandra León writes: “The explosion of changes ruled by the Tower brings transformation. The potent electricity can bring excitement or chaos, but when the chips fall, a new foundation is present.” Her key words: “Awakening. Restructuring. High intensity. The old falling away so that something new an be built. Breakdown of pre-existing patterns.” And through this, the Nine of Wands is illuminated, “[heralding] a time when strength of craftsmanship has been achieved. All past developments are resulting in a mastery…The reward of perseverance is present. Knowledge and wisdom are results of the journey.”

Enjoy this glory.

With love,