Card for the Week of December 2, 2018



In many cultures, death is simply a known part of journey…
We are not natural with the concept of death…It’s scary, frightening and to be avoided. When the Death card comes up, most everyone says “oh!” or “yikes” or “uh oh”—a natural reaction which misses another, more empowering and relative meaning. Just look how beautiful this card (from the MoonChild Deck) is…and how she thrives in the evolution and transition.

Death is beautiful, natural and unavoidable. Without death, there is no growth and renewal. On the simplest terms, we create death when we make any choice: at that moment, we kiss the other option (the un-chosen one) away—and end it’s possibility. Sometimes, we overlook the opportunity to mourn—as we hurry forward.

In the coming week, I invite you to consider the many ways that death is with us often. How things come and go all of the time. And in some cases, death (or the passing and removal of something) creates space for something new, bright and vibrant (or at least, new). We think of death as crushing loss—and it often is. These are the hard and heavy ones…that we often end up experiencing somewhat alone for fear of admitting “weakness” (which is mistaken weakness). But what beauty can you find in the concept of death? This is your challenge over the coming days. Enjoy the ride.

With love,