December 23 - January 6 2018

Tarot of the Holy Light

Tarot of the Holy Light

The Devil Card shows up today (the The Full Moon in Cancer) and may carry us through the holidays, into a New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn in January. I find this “perfect.” If you read below and get a glimpse of how these Moons might treat you, you’ll see why this card is so appropriate for right now. The Devil card theme: The two people are apparently controlled by this outside power or force. It seems they are unable to make decisions clearly for their own wellbeing. But, in fact, they are not bonded, bound or controlled by the exterior force: that is an illusion. Over the next few weeks, be mindful of this concept as you flow through the Moons.

Take care of yourself, be patient. Nurture. Mind your choices.

The full moon December 22, 2018, falls at 0º Cancer 2018. The full moon December 2018 astrology is extremely powerful and fortunate. Those touched by this full Moon will do well in any role where they play parent or carer at this festive time. Indeed the nurturing energy is so strong at this time that it could feed an army. The great thing about this position is that the Moon will never exceed what it is willing to give. At this time we learn very quickly that we are no good to anyone if we burn themselves out. This also means that there is none of the martyr syndrome resentment vibe that happens sometimes with overly lunar energy.

This position is very fertile, it has the feel of that spongy turf that grows around a lake and the water lilies that sit upon it. We are drawn to healing mud that this full Moon December has in abundance. The ambience at this full Moon is gentile and compromising. Those touched by this full Moon will want to treat their loved ones like royalty. It’s a great period to do things that pamper yourself or indulge in home-made treats. Yay Christmas!”—From

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 6th may leave you wondering about your self worth, and questioning how much those around you truly love you. It may also bring up thoughts around your more broad value to a community or society at large. In this, you may step back and avoid collective situations or obligations. This is a time to take care and nourish yourself (don’t self-sabotage). Be mindful to NOT seek approval from the outside. You have to trust your inner values.