Card O' February 18, 2018


I did not pull this card: I intended it. 

This card has come up in conversation multiple times over the past week. Why?

It's an odd time: some of us are the tiger riding the waves...knowingly and "empowered." Others clutch a bit...grabbing and grasping—vulnerable, but envisioning the beautiful outcome. Some of us struggle the waters...with doubt...but we trust and thrust forward toward what is meant to be. Some feel the weight of the water above, and glimpse at the light above the layers and edges. 

Who are you? Where do the waters flow? What is in front? What are you visioning, working toward, fearful of and/or manifesting?

What tiger are you...right now?

Hint: Shaky times for many: FIND YOUR STRIDE
Totem: "What animal lies behind your eyes?"—Radiohead
Crystals: Carnelian, Moss Agate, Citrine
Herbs: Borage (for courage), Cleavers (for cleansing), Hawthorn (for heart and protection)
Tarot Deck: The Mary El by Marie White