Card O' February 24, 2018


Nine of Diamonds • Ace of Swords Reversed • Seven of Diamonds
Oh oh oh!...consistent messages since the beginning of the year. Super consistent. So, please recall the card Temperance supported by Strength. This pull supports exactly the same. Please visit the card archive and review last week's pull (and so many before). You can get there by clicking the bottom right box on the home page "squares of options." Then...come back here:


The hermit is your inner wisdom. Use it. Seek it. Embrace it. You have it, so take time to be quiet and tap into it. Avoid the "busy" and look toward the solidity found in self care and groundedness. • Avoid being scattered: The Ace of Swords is reversed in our spread. The objective is to focus, although (reversed) clarity may now elude you. Focus often provides clarity, but may be slow to show. That is ok! (Temperance.) • The possibility is Star-like: hope and healing. The yummy stuff. 

Deck: The Illuminated Tarot
Crystals: Rose Quartz, Malachite, Smoky Quartz, Citrine
Herbs: Rose, Nettles, Mints