Card O' February 10, 2018


The lotus of the palace of air. She who dances with the Sylphs. She who is air and life to endeavors. The quality of new spirit. Cleansing purity. She dances where the sun rises. New, birth, fresh, vital. 

"The Princess of Swords is the Throne of the Ace of Swords: ROOT OF THE POWERS OF AIR. Thus, she is the ultimate receptacle of the element of Air, where things of the element of air such as thought and idea are given form. She is pictured in motion, whirling through the smoke of the city of the pyramids..."

Ask yourself: what I am bringing to life this week? What am I birthing into this world. What idea, goal or passion can I bring forth, witness and bring into being by simply dancing my truth, my clarity and my soul intention. What materializes when I am in this flow: the air gently and  holding and naturally supporting—wafting toward realization and manifestation. What happens when I KNOW what I KNOW and I follow and dance what I KNOW without hesitation.

Air. Breath. Sacred and natural motion.

Crystals: Clear Quartz
Herbs: Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender
Hint: Focus on the element of Air. Stand in the wind. Face east and breath...
Deck: M.M. Meleen's Tabula Mudi Tarot