Card O' March 17, 2018


I am so excited by this pull! In light of Kelley's New Moon Astrology, it is PERFECT. If you have not yet done so, please read Kelley's beautiful, curious and insightful New Moon offering.

These cards are two from the Wild Wood Tarot (wherein wisdom resides) by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. The card illustrations are by Will Worthington. The book that comes with the deck is so well written, that I need only to quote directlyand allow you to absorb and consider.

THE ACE OF BOWS • Spark of Life
Description: Against a shimmering background of leaves and branches, a stout, rough-hewn hunting bow shimmers with the fire of life itself. The tip of an arrow rests on a heap of kindling chaff, and curled bark is bursting into flame as the tip flashes with brilliant incandescent light.
Meaning: As the turning of the cosmic axis generates the spark of life, so the kindling of a flame sparks the necessary light and warmth in our lives. The drill-bow suggests the human element, our partnership with the environment in which we live and the mastery of its gifts. 
Reading points: By shaping, directing and preserving ... we kindle the spark that starts the process of creation and empowerment. This takes skill, effort, commitment and persistence, but the universe always responds with enlightenment, challenge and opportunity. This is the nature of the human relationship with creation...Be prepared to learn new skills, adapt to changing environment and focus and tune your instincts to the task at hand.

Description: From the middle of a fast-flowing stream we see and ancient cauldron hanging from a great chain. In the trees above it are three smaller cauldrons. Water and energy flow from them, filling the great cauldron, which in turn overflows and fills four more, which sit on the rocks below and overflow into the stream.
Meaning: By looking at the past, acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, we grow and attain new wisdom. The future waits to be unfolded by our positive action as we become "the Eighth Vessel" and receive powerful rejuvenating energies of rebirth. 
Reading Points: Rejoice! A time of renewal and potential is here. The cycle of rebirth and healing brings inner peace and confidence. One you accept that all the blessings and gifts of life can be yours, or, indeed already below to you, the fear of asking is gone. It is time to shed the skin of the past and accept and utilize the overflowing potential of the present that is freely available to you...You are endured the past, its gifts were hard won; now the challenge of the future unfolds. Grasp it and shape it in your hands as you would have it manifest in your life.

Wonder, wallow, swim and enjoy!