Card O' March 3, 2018


Card pull for the week beginning March 3 and 4, 2018

Ace of Cups: The full moon: high emotions. The overflowing glass: positive feelings/outcome. Embrace the bounty of emotions in this full moon Virgo (do not avoid them...rather, immerse and emerge).

The Sun: Be the best you can be and share with others. Naturally, then, you provide healing possibility and power to the world. Radiate your spirit.

The Two of Wands: "The macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm; our smallest loving gestures can carry the energy to change the world. This priestess is using her power to bring harmony and balance to the earth from her own flourishing garden. Meaning: balance energy by tending your own realm as well as caring about the larger picture."

Deck: Tarot de St. Croix (by Lisa de St. Droix)
Crystals: Rose Quartz, Golden Healer
Herbs: Rose, Sage and Bay
Hint: Dig deep, feel and manifest. By tending yourself, you naturally fertilize positive global energy and enhance healing qualities.