Card O' March 25, 2018


This week's pull is from the El Gran Tarot Esoterico. The Two of Cups.

Moving into this week, we might want to consider what we are attached to, committed to and dedicated to. What relationships do we have, are we considering or are we forming? To what are we connecting...or to whom? How many? How deep? 

This is Venus: love and commitment. Dedication and bonding. A solid welding and alignment. 

In the week ahead, I ask you to consider what you are considering yourself to be wedded to and why? I ask you to release what is not a solid, supportive foundation and bond. I ask you to consider carefully who you share time with and what you do with your time, energy and efforts. I ask you to consider...what you want to be in love with.

Hint: Dive deep. Be honest. This is not a time for superficial stuff (it will not serve you...only "surface" you). 
Crystals: Rose Quartz
Herbs: Rose, rose and rose