Card O' April 10, 2018


The card pull this week is from the Chrysalis Tarot by Holly Sierra (art) and Toney Brooks (words). The deck is wonderfully colorful and packed with rich Pagan symbolism. It draws from a vibrant Pagan mythology. Since the inception of MagicOma in October of 2017, we've not drawn many court cards—and here we do. And in this particular deck, the court cards are considered a Troupe: "a delightful ensemble of medieval merrymakers." Unlike many decks where we find the court cards as representations of qualities, influences or people, in this deck these cards are real people and personality types (and archetypes). These represent things we attract naturally.

The Poet (traditionally, the King or Knight of Swords), is an intellectual and logical mentor. He/She/They recognizes the truth of the moment enwrapped and entwined in the terrain of the subconscious.  

This weeks idea: As these of the Troupe are evolved and balanced (bright and brilliant), you might consider focusing on strengthening your own balance and evolved nature: in this, you attract just that. We are seeking the Poet. We are seeking that balance of conscious and unconscious mind (a beautiful blend). 

Hint: Thought creates outcome
Crystals: Quartz, Malachite, Seraphinite
Alter Cards: Strength, Justice, Temperance (the Hermit?)
Herbs: Angelica, Nettles, Astragalus, Ashwagandha