Card O' May 13, 2018


This week's card is the Daughter of Wands from the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Kranz.

Wands: The suit of creativity and inspiration.
Element: Fire
When considering the New Moon astrology for this coming Tuesday, I am drawn to ask you to consider your ambitions: your dreams and intentions. Ask yourself: "is my focus and energy supporting me?" What are the adventures of my heart and mind this week? And are those adventures, gestures and actions in alignment with my true desires?

Remember: we are what we do most. 

The Empress and the Lovers remind us of the power of true commitment. We are blessed by the ability to throw seed and to soar. But what provides us our greatest light and sense of strength, magic and empowerment is the execution of our truth. So, ask yourself: "What is my greatest joy?" Fear not your will: embrace and nourish it.

Crystals: Rose quartz, chrysoprase.
Herbs: Rose, angelica
Hint: Who ARE you? What makes you tick...