Card O' May 6, 2018


The Lavish Earth Oracle Deck by Amy Woodson is one of my very most favorite and honored decks—and not just mine, it resonates with most friends, strangers and clients. Today's pull is the Third Eye Agate. To quote Amy:  " The Third Eye Agate stimulates the imagination and helps transform abstract ideas into reality. Welcome in new ideas and inspiration with this wild crystal. No limits is what magical Third Eye Agate says. The beautiful thing about Agate is that it keeps you firmly grounded while you imagine and dream an conspire. You have the perfect combination of practicality and wild excitement in Third Eye Agate. Their Eye Agates are usually collected from riverbanks and hand polished into the eye shape. Keywords: Imagination, Inspiration, Ideas, Limitless. Quote: 'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape but in having new eyes—Marcel Proust.'"

On the heals of the last few pulls, this is perfect: Another hint to follow your soul, your truth, your true magic. However, what I also an amazing crystal formation (Chrysoprase, listed below) is that it's qualities and energies support our will and drive in connecting to this true imaginative and inspirational purpose. So, if you need a buddy to help support you in your truthfully aligned agenda (hope, dream, purpose), seek out (or imagine) Chrysoprase. 

Any questions? Great luck in this adventure. xo

Crystals: Chrysoprase
Herbs: Rose