Card O' June 13, 2018


This week, I share some creative—including a couple of cards from an Oracle deck I began n 2017. On this New Moon, I ask you embrace the qualities of a few of these:

• Recall the Seed and the Bloom
Now is a time to tap into where you came from: your seed, your soul. In that recollection, witness the process and acknowledge and accept. Journeys, hopes and dreams may last/take a very long time to unfold and manifest—and the pathways may not be crystal clear. The bloom is the object: the golden nugget or shiny "yes." Ah ha... 

• Be Silent and Hear Yourself
You are the only one (soul) who can honor and know your, particular and amazing soul self. That is a being of your own—living as human in this spiritual life (as we know and understand it). Smell the you create/know/experience them: this is for you and might very well not be of another's language or understanding.

• Embrace your Magical Self
Walk where you have been as you know it to be just that: where you have been. And from there, pick up your tools and dance.

Enjoy the week!

Crystals: Sodalite, Pietersite
Herbs: Angelica, Chamomile, Buttercup
Cards Suggested for Alter/Visioning/Manifestation: Ace of Pentacles, Hermit, Magician