Card O' June 17, 2018


This week's card pull is from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot (with Radleigh Valentine and artwork by Steve A. Roberts). I pulled the Seven and Two or Air—in reverse. (I show them here, upright, as they are much easier to interpret and behold in that way.) 

This last week offered us the New Moon in Gemini, with the Sun in Cancer and the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn. Taurus mingles with Venus and Mars. The cards lay as witness.

Upright, these would indicate a revisiting of goal and intention with the outcome of necessary choice. In reversal, however, they either indicate that this is delayed...or quite the opposite. Coupled with astrological energy, I suggest that this week is a time to NOT question—and a time to hold off on any drastic or determinative choices. 

This can apply in so many ways: based on the nature of the sky right now, I wonder if this suggests you follow creative passion without question or hesitation. On the other hand, if on the job, it might be a good time to embrace your talents and shine...vs. following the path or routine of co-worker. I suggest that this week is a great time to listen carefully to yourself—with a solid level of self confidence and blossoming will.

Reality is yours to manifest on so many occasions—large and small. Witness and embrace the opportunities.

Crystals: Ocean Jasper, Mookaite Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye
Herbs: Valerian
Oracle and Tarot: The Magician, The Empress