Card O' June 24, 2018


Today's pull is from the Tapestry Tarot Deck by Yvonne G. Jensen. This deck is new to me, but I do, indeed, love it. "The author has found that a perfect collection and combination of many inspirations, philosophies and religions have ben hidden for ages i the Hathor Temple in Dendera." 

HATHOR: mother goddess, communicant with nature, patron of women and love. She is a nourisher and foreteller. She holds deep wisdom and mystical secret knowing.

From this deck, ruled by Hathor, we have Temperance and the planet Mercury. The oracle says: "time will tell since information first has to be obtained before a decision can be made. Also, growing through experience; development; frankness and many-sidedness; having a talent for chemistry; experiencing mutual affection or prosperous business affairs; having great adaptability; being uninhibited; engaging in lively activities."

No surprise: this oracle has been following us and guiding us and tempting us for a solid three weeks now. Temperance, though the reminder to stay even, level, balanced in the face of all and everything and situation, here and now asks you to grow, grow, GROW! Light your flame. Nourish your curiosity. Be true to yourself and others. March your path with commitment and passion. All the while—remaining in a mysterious balance of fire, water, earth, air and spirit.

Enjoy the ride! Enjoy this opportunity. Speak it, do it, celebrate.