Card O' July 1, 2018


Patience. Grace.

The wheel turns. We turn and change. Nothing is permanent. Expectations create challenge:

Let go of the river's edge...and flow.

Can we bring about balance in the midst of it all? Yes. The key is to understand that true "balance" comes when we understand that what is, is—and what goes, goes. Everything is just as it should be—and all things pass. 

"All things must pass." —George Harrison

In this week ahead, hold onto this concept when faced with your experiences, events, celebrations, challenges and simple reality. Strength comes with avoiding overreaction, gripping or struggling. The breath takes us far this week: check in with the breath always. The breath serves us on so many levels: keeping us alive, calm, balanced, centered and calmly focused. 

There is a Hopi saying that who shall grip the river's edge becomes tattered. Flow with grace through the hours that comprise this portion of our 2018 wheel. Enjoy the ride. Smile in the face of reality....Knowing. 

With love,
(Image from the Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid.)