Card O' July 21, 2018



The Seven of Cups. 
This card has come up in at least half-a-dozen readings this past week—including today. It has been coupled with cards (in all cases) that speak to a dance between harmony and disharmony. They all speak to an overriding drive or witnessing of success, contentment and happiness (where things are actually OK to pretty darn good) with an underlying and nagging knowing that there is something wrong, off, hidden or quirky.

I think now is a time to call on the Moon card for assistance. Recall that the Moon sheds light on that which is not obvious, but oh so truthful. It's the hidden "ah ha!" or the reality that we don't, for some reason, see (or want to see). But the seeing is, eventually, critical: it is the way toward the ultimate satisfaction achieved through harmonious truth in being.

The Seven of Cups speaks of options (Smith/Rider/Waite) and/or debauch (Thoth). I see it as haziness—or subtle or profound confusion. A lack of clarity. The Moon provides the greatest of clarity in times of haze and confusion. It may not be the easiest to approach that which is dark, tough, hidden or shameful, but once let "into the light," it is actually not truly a burden, but instead, a release from resistance: Liberation. Freedom.

Efforts made to hide from that which we subconsciously (or consciously!) know, saps time and energy, fosters delusion, guys us to the hazy grey of dull existence. 

In the week ahead, be mindful of those shadow truths you choose to keep hidden. Embrace them. Welcome them. 

Seek the light.