Card O' July 8, 2018


This image is titled "Exodus" and is by Clair Mack ©2008. The first tarot brought to mind was the Six of Swords and the Eight. In these, there is a leaving of sorts with the knowing of a better outcome—no matter the nature of the trip or the ease of it's progressing and passing. 

In the week ahead, watch to see if situations present that are, in fact, possibly best left behind. Be aware of opportunities that my arrises the offer up powerful or rewarding passage. Be mindful of that which occupies or distracts you that might better be "off your list." In addition, it may be a time where you are provided and/or accept a new pathway: it may be that "new horizons" serve you well at this time in your life journey. It may also be that a relationship or commitment must be quieted in order to make space for more important and fulfilling reality

Supporting cards in this journey show up: The Nine of Pentacles, The Queen of Cups, The Empress and the Princess of Cups. You are the earth of water: grounded and fluid, filled with unlimited potential, fully supported but free to move and flow. If you remember to move with your heart (from the heart space), all that falls out will be solid and understandable. The heart is key now: your truth...the soul. Nourish the heart and soul (and accompanying mind) and the bounty flows forth.

There are no time limits to the journey...but it is a journey.

Relish the passage. It it should be.

Crystals: Rhodonite, Moonstone, Carnelian
Herbs: Rosemary, Pleurisy