Card for the Week of August 27, 2018

The World Card from the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White

The World Card from the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White

Welcome to Mars direct—and the new week beginning August 27. I love pulling the World card on the very same day as Mars finds it's forward flow. I quote from Marie White:
" The World is the Landscape of the Abyss in which the Fool traverses. Together, they are God and Goddess, Heaven and Earth, Womb and Ray of Light. She is the sky, he is the Sun.
" She is the womb of life where everything goes and becomes. Her body is the divided landscape which the dana of life will play out. The body of the universe that the Fool will jump into to develop his soul, to go rom innocence to experience, knowledge and wisdom. Inside her is the mirror where God can look at himself."

In the week ahead, we might expect a welcome feeling of "whole" and/or fulfillment. Expect the landscape to feel complete (so very different from the disparate nature of things of late). This is a good time to cleanse, purify and "explore who are you are as an individual..."

When you move forward in these days, you might find that things just "fall into place"—if you allow them. Don't resist or force: this is a time to notice, witness and wallow in the joy of completeness. If you have things left undone, you might take them on—or simply schedule them for later...knowing that they are just simply meant for later. There will be a relaxed quality to our attentive natures and/or our sometimes over-scheduled or demanding lives. 

Enjoy the bountiful concept that the World card offers. Embrace it's nature.

Hint: Bathe, honor your body. Allow.
Herbs: Marjoram, Allspice, Mugwort
Crystals: Rose Quartz