Card for the Week of September 15, 2018


Let us start with Uncertainty and the Queen (from Cathy Nichols Story Cards). I expected Uncertainly would be interpreted like traditional Tarot qualities of the Two of Swords or the Seven of Cups. Actually, to gather the true meaning of this card, study the imagery: the people fall between the two buildings…so this, really, is more like the Tower card—and all of it’s associations. The Tower: change and upheaval (of course…as we know it), but also another more psychological aspect grounded in breaking old and/or false beliefs, finding new paths, embracing new ambitions (that may, actually, be more true to self). The Queen: a mature person both acquainted with and manifesting her true gifts. Together? Pause on that for a bit. Reflect on the images. What comes up for you?

The Knight of Wands (from the Mary El Tarot by Marie White) is avisually powerful card: both frightening and inspirational (in a deep, dark, organic and primordial way). The Knight thirsts for power searches energetically. But what does he search for? And once he comes to that, what will he do with it?

In the week ahead, witness that which may change and provide opportunity for your true passions, ambitions and desires to emerge. Once identified, harness the time, energy, or space—and rise to the occasion. Do it truly: with honor and focus, vs. as a quick task to be acknowledged, checked off and passed over as “done.” This opportunity may provide a deeper or extended “shift.” All things aligned and attended, you might find you’ve taken a “holy flame” and guided yourself (and therefore others) to a profoundly rewarding outcome.

Eyes wide open. Enjoy the ride.

Hint: Pay close attention to what changes and how you approach that change (a cancelled appointment might be a bummer, but also might provide for some personal experience…to be patient, to be kind, to paint, to get a hair cut).
Hint: What we perceive to be a lose may, in fact, be a gain.
Crystals: Clear Quartz, Hematite, Carnelian
Herbs: Nettles, Lobelia, Vervain, Sunflower
Tarot Alter Cards: The Fool, The Empress, The Hermit, The Chariot, Temperance, The Sun