Card for the Week of January 13, 2019


Creativity from the Chaos.

I offer you Strength as your Tarot card of focus for the beginning of 2019. I also think of Temperance and the Star. The Star luminary is the creative spark, the Moon, the reflection and the Sun, the revealing or manifestation.

Here, we find our power to create in our own way (particular to self) to move toward the light…and ground…simultaneously.

It’s as if the phoenix rises from the ashes. WE RISE.

Delve into luscious ritual. Find your wand. Walk in the woods. Paint! Dance! Sing…out loud and from the heart. This is your year.

In this week, we continue to find our way through the early eclipses of 2019. They are the “big bang” of this new year…and will sow a seed for the rhythm of the year. So nurture. Nourish. Cherish. You are the light—your own guiding light. Tap into it. Honor it. Tend that little light that glows.


Gems: Chrysoprase
Herbs: Anise, Angelica
Cards: Strength, Temperance, The Star, The Hermit, the Moon…and the Sun