Card for the Week of January 6, 2019

From the Moon Deck by Aarona Ganesan and Andrea Keh

From the Moon Deck by Aarona Ganesan and Andrea Keh

The New Moon was in Capricorn. Saturn is a big guy right now. Astrologically, 2019 seems to be a year of creative opportunity.

My earlier pull on our behalf was “Mystery Revealed” from the Frequency Tarot Divine-Guidance Cards by Teal Swan. The description guides you in a ritual —the idea is to embrace that which is hidden…like a hidden gem. The ritual is one of subtle action, quiet energy expended.

I allow stillness to heal and reveal.

Card No. 18 from the Moon Deck is entitled HEAL. The ritual suggested (listed below) is Moon Bath. The message is…

One cannot create in truth until one is healed.

First things first! Both cards suggest that in quiet stillness, we find truth and guidance. The Oracle: the healed one manifests. The sick must repair. The year provides opportunity with awareness. Take care of yourself, design your own calendar, commit to self, manifest.

Gems: Gold, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian
Herbs: Tulsi, Schizandra, Your (own) Plant Ally
Archetypes: Those subtle and strong. Avoid Artemis—and burn out…right now. Brigid, Freya, Pachamama, Mazu
Tarot for Alter: Strength
Moon Bath Ritual: Whenever you feel disconnected from Spirit, foreign in your own body, confused, imbalanced, overwhelmed, disheartened, or anything that doesn’t feel true to your essence—it’s time to soak in some solo time under the moonlight…
1. Go outside and bask in the magic of the moonlight
2. Absorb the luminous and healing light…deep into your cells
3. Speak your prayers and intentions (make offerings if appropriate)
4. Allow time to reveal, heal and recharge
5. Rest well.
(The above adapted from the Moon Deck Guidebook.)