Card for the Week of February 10, 2019

Jessica Z’ Story Medicine Deck

Jessica Z’ Story Medicine Deck

In Jessica’s deck of spiritual growth, story telling and women’s tales, cards of the minor arcana are correlated with the major: in this case, the Moon.

Fly through the depths of your pain and knowing. In fact, soar. SOAR.

Soar into the depths of all you trend lightly around—all that you fear. Sing it. SING IT.

and soar.

This day of February marks Mercury’s journey into Pisces. Here, he’ll travel and turn and spin for quite a while—with Neptune. This may be a murky time, but more powerfully, it’s a wonderful time to invite relationship with your intuition and your truth. Your psychic and dreamy abilities may be heightened: a good thing.

Enjoy the view from this enlightening place.

Gems: Picasso Jasper, Obsidian, Quartz
Herbs: Sage (cleanse), Lavender (relax), Chamomile (release), Rosemary (purification & protection), Self-heal (heal) and Lemongrass (uplift)