Card of the Week • March 3, 2019


The Hanged Man | Bonifacio Bembo for Visconti-Sforza Family | Medieval Tarot Cards | ca. 1450 | card no. 11 | The Morgan Library & Museum


So much fog. So much weight. We move through the heaviest of waters sometimes: it seems as if we’ll never emerge; never breathe freely, thrive and aspire. But, oh yes…we will. The Hanged one is the all knowing…gathering and learning from all perspectives, but understanding RIGHT TIMING. Everything has right timing: every seed spouted, every bird to flight, every bee to blossom: everything. So I wonder: what is it that you are rushing? Where are you pushing or restless? The Hanged one would ask you to enjoy the suspension: relish a new view…get curious and ponder. Your time to turn upwards toward the sun will come. Patience. Temperance.

In the coming week, reflect upon that which as come before in the month of February….or even the last week of that month…or the beginning of the calendar year. Take a pause and a “60,000-mile view.” (in that I mean, please try to view with less emotion and judgement, and with a sense of loving detachment—objectivity as you can). Have faith. Consider the patterns of thought … and challenge with an open, loving mind. Curiosity is so often the benevolent cure.

Good luck! Relax and enjoy. No need to take action. It will emerge.

Crystals: Chrysoprase, Aquamarine, and maybe Merlinite (a personal thing)
Herbs: Tulsi, Angelica, Dream Herb