Card of the Week for May 6, 2019

Queen of Cups from the Moonchild Tarot

Queen of Cups from the Moonchild Tarot

These days are shifty: hold onto your Queen of Cups.

Mercury and Venus will travel Uranus in Taurus. Oppositions will be true. How do we swim? I advise: Stay with your heart. I hint: You don’t have to tell all—hold careful communication.

Monday brings transition. This may be a good week to stay quiet (at least the first few days). A good time to be witness: acknowledge, absorb, consider and learn. We can do this without trumpeting out into the world. I advise: Stay still in your witness.

The Queen of Cups is your talisman: head her (your) truth. Embrace her (your) power. But run like water over rock…slowly forming … almost without notice … over time. She is your deep knowing, your gut, your love. She speaks in stillness—an intangible sort of mark. But a mark.

Gem Stones: Blue Chalcedony, Blue Celestite
Herbs: Tulsi, Chamomile, Linden, Poppy