Card for the Week of October 21

©The Illuminated Earth Oracle by Claire Mack

©The Illuminated Earth Oracle by Claire Mack

So often, we walk alone with our needs and troubles. Storms brew from somewhere deep under—and slowly seep into our consciousness or semi-consciousness. Or possibly issues are obvious, straight forward and direct. In either and any case, we…often choose to “walk alone.”

Why is it so hard to ask for help? Why is it difficult to be “vulnerable?” Why is it good to be tough? This oracle asks us to embrace our humility, our community…and regain our strength in company.

I am reminded of the Wizard of Oz and the companionship of the Lion, the Scarecrow, Dorothy and the Tin Man. Would they have had such strength individually? Lie in the field of poppies and awake to trusting: it is OK to be in the hands of others. It is good to be healed. It is wonderful to be embraced. It is right to ask for help. Reach out!—many endeavors are more powerful, fun and fulfilling in company.

Herbs: Chamomile
Essences: Buttercup
Crystals: Rose Quartz

Card for ... October

The Illuminated Earth Oracle © Claire Mack 2018

The Illuminated Earth Oracle © Claire Mack 2018

There are no words, really, when you pull “Reflection” mid-October, when Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. That is:…it says it all.

The abundance that comes from reflection, in all of its depths, is worth the wade and wallow. The finest alignment comes in the purity of truth. When we make kindness with our truths, we witness their strengths—no matter what the manifestation. Each pain is growth; each joy walks alike.

I believe that Reflection (the card) in Venus retrograde Scorpio begs us to slow and consider, behold and embrace. This is a thin time of combinations that offer a perfect opportunity. Consider what you were doing in October of 2010. 2003? 1995? What patterns do you see? Are you swimming circles in the same pool or spiraling upward?

In the image, to the right, Agrimony in a goose-egg shell. This is for protection, for as you wander the depths of memory, things that are not pretty may rise up. This ritual serves you. Other protective acts/thoughts: sage, mugwort, anise, angelica, basil and bay. Crystals: black tourmaline, obsidian, fluorite, and amethyst. Fruits and Berries: Juniper (read more here). Ritual: (bon)fire/flame and visioning. Prayer.

Card for the Week of October 7, 2018


We weave our way though peaks and valleys—in an attempt to achieve peace, balance and relative success (as we know or think of it). Discernment is your key word and concept this week.

Considering • Sifting

Consider carefully that which you are drawn to. Be certain what you do and attract serves you well. The ultimate goal is to find the rose beneath the unicorn, so don’t blow it by falling into illusionary thought and action. The week calls for grounded, truthful discernment.

Cards for Empowerment: Temperance, the High Priestess, the Empress
Crystals: Green Tourmaline, Rainbow Obsidian
Herbs: Hibiscus, Sage, Agrimony, Hawthorn

Card for the Week of October 1, 2018


Child of Wands from the Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian C. Wilde

The Page of Wands shows a lovely foxlette gazing at a radiant wand. Actually, the fox witnesses the wand radiating, weather it does (visually and materially) or not. This, in a sense, is the energy of the Fool, who sees only opportunity: the potential for overflow of wonderer, success, engagement, abundance and creative manifestation. I see here, the “matchstick” to the Luminaries: the wonderful alchemy that passes from the Star (creative quality), to the Moon (reflective quality) to the Sun (revealing quality). Fox is poised to light the match and set the alchemical processes into motion.

This week, watch for sparkly inspirations: moments that provide that sliver of psyched-energy potential: Uplifting and hopeful glimpses of possibility. This is BIG MAGIC—the Big Magic attitude and mojo-ic moxie that Elizabeth Gilbert speaks of in her book of the same title (sweet little piece from the NYT here).

If you are thinking of writing a book, joining a group, starting a new career, learning a new language, applying to school or beginning any such dream and/or desire, this might be the week to give it more energy. Give a smile and dance with the child-like enthusiasm. There is only good feeling to be gained in entertaining. And remember, you are “four paws to the earth” and won’t combust by considering: it’s good for your spirit.

Hint: Light heartedness!
Herbs: Check this site! (Alchemy Art)
Crystals: Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Chrysoprase (yes….)

Card for the Week of September 24, 2018


When I pulled these cards, all I could think of was: “commit with full heart and honor the energies of the seeds—with all their potential—as they lie down and wait for the right time to come…to bloom and radiate.” (Ref: The Hanged Man.) And this “seed” could be you…your seed…your soul…your truth and beauty.

It’s as if in a fairy tale—one in which the hero or heroine (or something or such) rises up against all odds, gathers wit, will and wisdom, and soars with all fire, beauty and radiant strength. Are you the hero of this story?

Crystals and Gems: Hematite in Quartz (grounding and light), Cavansite (transition, hope) , Clear Quartz
Herbs: Nettles, Motherwort
Hint: Only when the timing is right

Cards from the Mary El Tarot by Marie White.

Card for the Week of September 15, 2018


Let us start with Uncertainty and the Queen (from Cathy Nichols Story Cards). I expected Uncertainly would be interpreted like traditional Tarot qualities of the Two of Swords or the Seven of Cups. Actually, to gather the true meaning of this card, study the imagery: the people fall between the two buildings…so this, really, is more like the Tower card—and all of it’s associations. The Tower: change and upheaval (of course…as we know it), but also another more psychological aspect grounded in breaking old and/or false beliefs, finding new paths, embracing new ambitions (that may, actually, be more true to self). The Queen: a mature person both acquainted with and manifesting her true gifts. Together? Pause on that for a bit. Reflect on the images. What comes up for you?

The Knight of Wands (from the Mary El Tarot by Marie White) is avisually powerful card: both frightening and inspirational (in a deep, dark, organic and primordial way). The Knight thirsts for power searches energetically. But what does he search for? And once he comes to that, what will he do with it?

In the week ahead, witness that which may change and provide opportunity for your true passions, ambitions and desires to emerge. Once identified, harness the time, energy, or space—and rise to the occasion. Do it truly: with honor and focus, vs. as a quick task to be acknowledged, checked off and passed over as “done.” This opportunity may provide a deeper or extended “shift.” All things aligned and attended, you might find you’ve taken a “holy flame” and guided yourself (and therefore others) to a profoundly rewarding outcome.

Eyes wide open. Enjoy the ride.

Hint: Pay close attention to what changes and how you approach that change (a cancelled appointment might be a bummer, but also might provide for some personal experience…to be patient, to be kind, to paint, to get a hair cut).
Hint: What we perceive to be a lose may, in fact, be a gain.
Crystals: Clear Quartz, Hematite, Carnelian
Herbs: Nettles, Lobelia, Vervain, Sunflower
Tarot Alter Cards: The Fool, The Empress, The Hermit, The Chariot, Temperance, The Sun

Card for the Week of September 10, 2018


A perfect pull from The Stretch Tarot. If you did not get a chance to read last weeks card, please do—as the Five of Swords is the perfect follow up.

In the week ahead, you may learn new tricks, embrace change and be tempted and convinced to switch up old patterns for new—with a better promised outcome if you can stick to it. Change can be uncomfortable, and the Five reminds us to sit ok with the push-pull that change can toss up, in and around the mind. It's like a Mind Game: one in which we dialogue with the past, although we know better. 

Also, the Five of Swords perfectly sets off this new moon in Virgo with an affinity for Venus: and promises a cycle of integrity, clarity, perseverance and, yes, change. The key? Keep faith, trust, love and hold responsible to that which you endeavor. Keep yourself well nourished (in all ways). Check in regularly with yourself (YOUR SELF). Keep true.

Crystals: Aventurine, Carnelian, Moonstone, Lavender, Lavender Obsidian
Herbs: Valerian, Rose, Hawthorn
Tarot Alter Cards: Strength, the Hermit, the Chariot

Card for the Week of September 4, 2018


Welcome to this "first week" of September. I resurrect this photograph from the archives—as it seems so appropriate. Although the stars have not alerted me in advance, I have witnessed and listened...and heard: "conflict." 

The Two of Swords (pictured from the Stretch Tarot by Jo Stretch) is about choice, blindness, pause, waiting, illusory obstacles, hesitation, lack of clarity and hazy-fuzzy-ness (and so much more...BUT...). I hear stress: I hear conflict in decision making. I hear "I am a destined to let someone or some party down." 

When you consider your choices and options this week, sit first...still. Back up. Breathe. When you think "Bobby's base-ball game or Ruth-anne's birthday gathering!?!?!," remember that it is alright to choose just one. It is natural to want to do all, both and everything. It is unnatural to actually do that. :) Right????? 

Life is full of choices, and right now, there seems to be a buzz about: too many offerings. It's as if the Seven of Cups is stalking about and just won't relent. But conjure up Temperance; tap into your inner Hermit; regard your High Priest(ess) for all she/he knows and does. Acknowledge that the wise ones among us do what we do with whole heart...and send blessings along to the rest.

Know you are loved. Know you are strong. Tap into your knowing and do not waver (if possible). The weak foundation is most likely to crack. 

With love, Serena
p.s., Support yourself with those things that ground and nourish (a personal thing). xo

Card for the Week of August 27, 2018

The World Card from the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White

The World Card from the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White

Welcome to Mars direct—and the new week beginning August 27. I love pulling the World card on the very same day as Mars finds it's forward flow. I quote from Marie White:
" The World is the Landscape of the Abyss in which the Fool traverses. Together, they are God and Goddess, Heaven and Earth, Womb and Ray of Light. She is the sky, he is the Sun.
" She is the womb of life where everything goes and becomes. Her body is the divided landscape which the dana of life will play out. The body of the universe that the Fool will jump into to develop his soul, to go rom innocence to experience, knowledge and wisdom. Inside her is the mirror where God can look at himself."

In the week ahead, we might expect a welcome feeling of "whole" and/or fulfillment. Expect the landscape to feel complete (so very different from the disparate nature of things of late). This is a good time to cleanse, purify and "explore who are you are as an individual..."

When you move forward in these days, you might find that things just "fall into place"—if you allow them. Don't resist or force: this is a time to notice, witness and wallow in the joy of completeness. If you have things left undone, you might take them on—or simply schedule them for later...knowing that they are just simply meant for later. There will be a relaxed quality to our attentive natures and/or our sometimes over-scheduled or demanding lives. 

Enjoy the bountiful concept that the World card offers. Embrace it's nature.

Hint: Bathe, honor your body. Allow.
Herbs: Marjoram, Allspice, Mugwort
Crystals: Rose Quartz

Weekly Card • August 17, 2018



Today, the Magician and the Eight of Cups show up for us. I wonder:

Are we being "magic" enough? Are we walking away from our potential? Do we have to leave, go somewhere or seek out something in order to make things happen? What is the message? What are the messages?

Astrologically, things (currently) continue to have a sort-of anxious under-and over-tone (depending). With Mars so close and so many planets retrograde, this is a confusing, twanged-up, tricky time for many of us. And this knowing, has left some of us a bit paralyzed: these cards are for us, especially.

The Magician (Mercury) is equipped with all necessary to manifest, but unlike the Chariot, he’s not yet in motion: it’s pure potential. The Eight of Cups, however, is action…movement. This too, in the suit of Cups—meaning, movement on the behalf of love, alignment, action for self and/or the higher good of all. 

This week, consider what you have at hand. Consider what you need to gather in order to manifest from this place of pure potential.

In weeks past, we’ve been clear that now is not a time to make big, critical or momentous decisions. This holds…as the Eight of Cups is not a violent warrior but a calm seeker of that which must be sought.

I call on the High Priestess, the Hermit and the Fool to assist us. 
• The High Priestess in her deep knowing and unspoken wisdom
• The Hermit, to acknowledge our deep knowing and wisdom—our inner light and guidance
• The Fool, to shake up our views and turn the upside down and backwards—so that we can see more clearly that which is possible…and that which we desire.

The Fool helps us to have faith in the journey…and the directions the winds may blow and assist us (the Eight of Cups). The Fool helps the magical Magician in us to act and manifest—live our potential. The Fool visits the High Priestess who tips hat to the Hermit, so that we can walk our path which is our life and great journey in our time on this planet…as we know it.

p.s., The picture shows some of the same cards from various decks. Please take the time to study the imagery: different artists and representations my speak to us, beg questions or offer suggestions. That is the beauty of our Tarot variety.
p.s.s., Know that you are the owner of your journey.

The "Moon-i-ness" reminds us that the answers are not always obvious. Dig deep. Avoid easy or obvious solutions. Get curious. 

Weekly Card • August 11, 2018


This week's reading is from the Tapestry Tarot—designed by Yvonne G. Jensen and produced by U.S. Games Systems, Stamford, CT. I love the artwork of this deck: each card deserves an individual study...and time taken to look, reflect and gather.

The Devil is associated with Mars—and an unsurprising pull for this particular time, especially considering the astrology

Traditionally, the card might ask you to consider what temptations, addictions and "dark" callings are pulling at your or capturing your spirit, energies and commitments. The card, though freaky, scary and intimidating on first "hear" and glance, is actually one which reminds us ultimate choice...and seeming deception of such. It is a card of opportunity: reminding us, in a sinister sort of way, that addiction is an illusion. In a traditional RWS deck, two people sit below a depiction of the devil "in chains;" but on close view, the chains are not locked, attached or constraining either individual/couple. 

Here, and considering our astrology, I suggest that the Devil gives us permission to pause this time of struggle, confusion, conflicted energy and relative dis-harmonious shiftiness. This is a time to avoid making important decisions or rash choices. This is a time to sit, watch and wait. 

The crystals in this photograph are Chrysoprase, Danburite and Labradorite. Today, I have held them close—and have marveled at their energy and the associated feeling of peace, health, wellbeing and clarity that arise. 

Blessings...and wishing well.

Herbs: The mints (Tulsi, Lemon Balm), Motherwort, Rose and Linden

Card O' July 21, 2018



The Seven of Cups. 
This card has come up in at least half-a-dozen readings this past week—including today. It has been coupled with cards (in all cases) that speak to a dance between harmony and disharmony. They all speak to an overriding drive or witnessing of success, contentment and happiness (where things are actually OK to pretty darn good) with an underlying and nagging knowing that there is something wrong, off, hidden or quirky.

I think now is a time to call on the Moon card for assistance. Recall that the Moon sheds light on that which is not obvious, but oh so truthful. It's the hidden "ah ha!" or the reality that we don't, for some reason, see (or want to see). But the seeing is, eventually, critical: it is the way toward the ultimate satisfaction achieved through harmonious truth in being.

The Seven of Cups speaks of options (Smith/Rider/Waite) and/or debauch (Thoth). I see it as haziness—or subtle or profound confusion. A lack of clarity. The Moon provides the greatest of clarity in times of haze and confusion. It may not be the easiest to approach that which is dark, tough, hidden or shameful, but once let "into the light," it is actually not truly a burden, but instead, a release from resistance: Liberation. Freedom.

Efforts made to hide from that which we subconsciously (or consciously!) know, saps time and energy, fosters delusion, guys us to the hazy grey of dull existence. 

In the week ahead, be mindful of those shadow truths you choose to keep hidden. Embrace them. Welcome them. 

Seek the light.


Card O' July 15, 2018


Today...a bright a beautiful message. The Bluebird (Sacred World Oracle by Kris Waldherr), White Pine (from Lisa Estabrook's Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck) and Ixchel from Alana Fairchild's Earth Warriors Oracle). 

For us, I pulled the White Pine first. The oracle speaks: we are held in soft, but sound, embrace. We are safe and still—and in the quiet, we can reflect upon our greatest knowing...and stand solid.  Much of the symbolism surrounding the White Pine is of grounded, soft truth and acceptance. It's needles are gentle and protective. This week, channel the qualities of the White Pine.

And we are supported by Bluebird energy. This oracle suggests optimism, hope, happiness and idealism: it is with this outlook and overflowing of heart rhythm that we make the best of the upcoming days. Remember, the astrology holds patterns of juxtaposed conversations and energies. The rooted light of the White Pine and uplifting omen of the Bluebird help in our navigation of the varying and sometimes volatile waters. 

What helps us hold tight and weather this storm? Ixchel: The Medicine of the Rainbow Jaguar. "Ixchel protects you now, as you transition ... from one phase to the next. This guardian goddess instructs you on hoot use great power with wisdom, to nourish only what is worthy." All darkness is overcome. Stresses settle.

This week, embrace the natural flow. Be mindful not to clutch expectations: this is a time to witness, from a hopeful and grounded place. Trust in the magic and truth that is life...just as it should be...right now. Be curious.

Hint: and pleasant dreams

Card O' July 8, 2018


This image is titled "Exodus" and is by Clair Mack ©2008. The first tarot brought to mind was the Six of Swords and the Eight. In these, there is a leaving of sorts with the knowing of a better outcome—no matter the nature of the trip or the ease of it's progressing and passing. 

In the week ahead, watch to see if situations present that are, in fact, possibly best left behind. Be aware of opportunities that my arrises the offer up powerful or rewarding passage. Be mindful of that which occupies or distracts you that might better be "off your list." In addition, it may be a time where you are provided and/or accept a new pathway: it may be that "new horizons" serve you well at this time in your life journey. It may also be that a relationship or commitment must be quieted in order to make space for more important and fulfilling reality

Supporting cards in this journey show up: The Nine of Pentacles, The Queen of Cups, The Empress and the Princess of Cups. You are the earth of water: grounded and fluid, filled with unlimited potential, fully supported but free to move and flow. If you remember to move with your heart (from the heart space), all that falls out will be solid and understandable. The heart is key now: your truth...the soul. Nourish the heart and soul (and accompanying mind) and the bounty flows forth.

There are no time limits to the journey...but it is a journey.

Relish the passage. It it should be.

Crystals: Rhodonite, Moonstone, Carnelian
Herbs: Rosemary, Pleurisy

Card O' July 1, 2018


Patience. Grace.

The wheel turns. We turn and change. Nothing is permanent. Expectations create challenge:

Let go of the river's edge...and flow.

Can we bring about balance in the midst of it all? Yes. The key is to understand that true "balance" comes when we understand that what is, is—and what goes, goes. Everything is just as it should be—and all things pass. 

"All things must pass." —George Harrison

In this week ahead, hold onto this concept when faced with your experiences, events, celebrations, challenges and simple reality. Strength comes with avoiding overreaction, gripping or struggling. The breath takes us far this week: check in with the breath always. The breath serves us on so many levels: keeping us alive, calm, balanced, centered and calmly focused. 

There is a Hopi saying that who shall grip the river's edge becomes tattered. Flow with grace through the hours that comprise this portion of our 2018 wheel. Enjoy the ride. Smile in the face of reality....Knowing. 

With love,
(Image from the Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid.)


Card O' June 24, 2018


Today's pull is from the Tapestry Tarot Deck by Yvonne G. Jensen. This deck is new to me, but I do, indeed, love it. "The author has found that a perfect collection and combination of many inspirations, philosophies and religions have ben hidden for ages i the Hathor Temple in Dendera." 

HATHOR: mother goddess, communicant with nature, patron of women and love. She is a nourisher and foreteller. She holds deep wisdom and mystical secret knowing.

From this deck, ruled by Hathor, we have Temperance and the planet Mercury. The oracle says: "time will tell since information first has to be obtained before a decision can be made. Also, growing through experience; development; frankness and many-sidedness; having a talent for chemistry; experiencing mutual affection or prosperous business affairs; having great adaptability; being uninhibited; engaging in lively activities."

No surprise: this oracle has been following us and guiding us and tempting us for a solid three weeks now. Temperance, though the reminder to stay even, level, balanced in the face of all and everything and situation, here and now asks you to grow, grow, GROW! Light your flame. Nourish your curiosity. Be true to yourself and others. March your path with commitment and passion. All the while—remaining in a mysterious balance of fire, water, earth, air and spirit.

Enjoy the ride! Enjoy this opportunity. Speak it, do it, celebrate.


Card O' June 17, 2018


This week's card pull is from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot (with Radleigh Valentine and artwork by Steve A. Roberts). I pulled the Seven and Two or Air—in reverse. (I show them here, upright, as they are much easier to interpret and behold in that way.) 

This last week offered us the New Moon in Gemini, with the Sun in Cancer and the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn. Taurus mingles with Venus and Mars. The cards lay as witness.

Upright, these would indicate a revisiting of goal and intention with the outcome of necessary choice. In reversal, however, they either indicate that this is delayed...or quite the opposite. Coupled with astrological energy, I suggest that this week is a time to NOT question—and a time to hold off on any drastic or determinative choices. 

This can apply in so many ways: based on the nature of the sky right now, I wonder if this suggests you follow creative passion without question or hesitation. On the other hand, if on the job, it might be a good time to embrace your talents and shine...vs. following the path or routine of co-worker. I suggest that this week is a great time to listen carefully to yourself—with a solid level of self confidence and blossoming will.

Reality is yours to manifest on so many occasions—large and small. Witness and embrace the opportunities.

Crystals: Ocean Jasper, Mookaite Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye
Herbs: Valerian
Oracle and Tarot: The Magician, The Empress

Card O' June 13, 2018


This week, I share some creative—including a couple of cards from an Oracle deck I began n 2017. On this New Moon, I ask you embrace the qualities of a few of these:

• Recall the Seed and the Bloom
Now is a time to tap into where you came from: your seed, your soul. In that recollection, witness the process and acknowledge and accept. Journeys, hopes and dreams may last/take a very long time to unfold and manifest—and the pathways may not be crystal clear. The bloom is the object: the golden nugget or shiny "yes." Ah ha... 

• Be Silent and Hear Yourself
You are the only one (soul) who can honor and know your, particular and amazing soul self. That is a being of your own—living as human in this spiritual life (as we know and understand it). Smell the you create/know/experience them: this is for you and might very well not be of another's language or understanding.

• Embrace your Magical Self
Walk where you have been as you know it to be just that: where you have been. And from there, pick up your tools and dance.

Enjoy the week!

Crystals: Sodalite, Pietersite
Herbs: Angelica, Chamomile, Buttercup
Cards Suggested for Alter/Visioning/Manifestation: Ace of Pentacles, Hermit, Magician


Card O' June 3, 2018


This weeks pull is from The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel. Continuing the energy of last week's Queen of Wands, we have the Ace of Wands: this leaves me with the similar take on growth, growing and manifestation. I copy last week's post below:

"Considering the Queen of Wands this week, what comes to mind right away is women power, love and fired-up manifestation. This is the sort of birthing and creative energy that is powerful. She rises toward her inspiration with grounded love and passion. There is no better way. 

When you walk forth into these days, listen well to your calling. Relish the rewards of nourishing your creative spark and true nourishment. This is food for your soul: embrace it. Celebrate."

The Ace following the Queen: There is energy around your purpose...and the Ace provides a sort of divine energy...piercing and clear. The Queen is the nurturer and nourisher of it. So, it might be that last week revealed some soul truth and desire which this week continues to support and energize. The Ace is the seed: It's arrival indicates the truth and knowing of the key hope and desire: the goal at hand. 

As this is the suit of creativity, energy and fire, it might serve to focus on staying grounded, rested and well-nourished. It is also a time to embrace your dreams and aspirations.

An opportune time.

With love, Serena

Crystals: Carnelian, Aragonite
Herbs: Ashwagandha, Schizandra, Rhodiola or Gotu Kola
Hint: Preserve boundaries in order to maintain space for your creative manifestation(s)