(continued) negative thinking to positive visions. Dream the Big Dream of how you want your future to be. Be at least hopeful, then activate your confidence and courage. Then take on how you want the world to be, seeing past chaos and destruction.  This might take some scouring out of your belief systems that have limited your vision and created a discouraging level of pessimism. Stop that! Who told you that story? Try on a different point of view, just for fun—like those dandelion seeds that take off and land in some new field or garden. What is your honest-to-the-heart true vision? Where do you want to land?

Celebrate the Mercury/Sun conjunction on November 26-27, which obviates the retrograde in the light force of our Sun/Star—especially as Wise Jupiter joins in, offering good advice, blessings and benedictions. Intuition is at a high point, if you pay attention to the clues. 

Another interesting pattern of this Full Moon involves evolving Venus, now forward in her sign Libra, preparing to rise up through Scorpio's depths. Venus is opposite Uranus, which has dipped back into Aries for a fresh flash of inspiration. This is a potent opposition made more so by its involvement with the Nodes of the Moon, a.k.a, Dragon's Head and Tail, or the Line of Destiny. This is a turning point on several levels, whether we realize it or not. We often make choices on some subconscious or reactive level before we even realize that we have done so. Or we get lazy and make no choice. This is no time for slouching. Wake up, get up and ride that Dragon.

This Full Moon gives you a fine opportunity to awaken and realize more about yourself and your life, to make more conscious choices, impulsed by a sense of harmony, aesthetics and wellbeing—as in "which choice feels better?" It is a lot easier and smoother to engage with a smile, with delight and happiness, rather than  to burden ourselves with the complications of anger, resentment, resistance, etc. that we ultimately have to plow through to feel ok with ourselves. To simplify and clarify is not always easy when confronted by our own disturbed energy field and baggage, sometimes projected onto others. Lots of old "stuff" gets in our way. Clean your closets. Simplify your life. Go Zen with that wise Zen Archer. Fly off lightly on the dandelion fluff of imagination. Consider what new territory you are excited to explore.  

No time like the present; or rather, no time but the Present. 

Be Here, be Light-Hearted, embody the stars under which you were born to shine.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S.A. We have much to be thankful for. 

Gratitude is the greatest blessing of this day.


Contact Kelley at kellhunter@earthlink.net

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