Think of this Total Lunar Eclipse as a kind of upside down mirror reflection of the famous Total Solar Eclipse last August. Down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass, take your choice. The dark shadow of this Total Eclipse is a special challenge. Likely we all come out on the other side. Hopefully will have shed some shadows and likely we will find we have been changed.

An eclipse is more powerful when there are planets involved with the Sun and Moon. Mars is the main player in this one, right in a 3-4-5 / Mars, Moon, South Node degree line up in Aquarius. The South Node is the point of entry, pulling in energy from the past, from the depths of the field. Mars is retrograde (since June 26), impacting our experience in evoking, examining and expressing the warrior energy. We are clearing the air, clearing a space that allows energy to find new outlets. What do you want? Follow the energy. As my artist friend William puts it, "Flow with the Go!" That's about right for this dramatic ripple effect in the collective field.

Venus is smoothing the choppy waters, with a steady, responsive grounding in natural Virgo. Quietly, she seeks to be of service, aligning with powerful Pluto's Capricorn agenda of reformulation and Neptune's Piscean dreams. She calls upon the mermaid flow, deep diving with Pluto in Scorpio. 

Mercury has stopped to watch this eclipse, heading retrograde, listening carefully. The eclipse moment is like a camera shutter that clicks a photo view. We can use the next weeks to let the photo develop from the negative film to reveal the vision in multidimensional technocolor. We find ourselves in a new act of a compelling drama. What is your role? Play it to your best, straight from your Heart!


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Eclipse Special
If you need some clarity on what is opening for you through this black hole of a total eclipse, a 30 minute check-in could be in order, give you some cosmic inspiration to chew on. Let me know if you can use such insight to help you see the bright side.

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It's been so interesting to hear how you decade shifters are experiencing this cosmic dimensional upgrade!

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